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Jambo Office Apartment, 8th Floor Gabon Street, Kirkos Sub-City, Woreda 03 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Our mission is to play to the role of the media in the democratization process of Ethiopia by reporting on all local news nation-wide.

Established in 2018, Seba Dereja Media and Communications PLC is an online Ethiopian media outlet whose goal is enriching the journalistic tradition of Ethiopia through truly independent and fair news. It has two platforms, Gobena Street and Addis Zeybe, through which it reaches both English-speaking and Amharic-speaking audiences. Ethiopia’s culture of journalism, particularly in the last two decades, has been marred by repression, government censorship, and frequent social media and Internet shutdowns. Seba Dereja seeks to provide a news source to the public that is reliable, relevant, and independent; it is therefore not aligned with any political, religious, or ethnic organization. It operates an online platform that discusses a wide range of topics related to urban spaces including politics, the economy, culture, and more, while continuing to be active on various social media outlets. Seba Dereja is working in a challenging, complex, and dynamic media environment, but this Editorial Policy seeks to establish a guiding set of principles for our journalists. By adhering to these values, Seba Dereja will strengthen its presence and reputation as an independent, free, and fair news outlet for all Ethiopians.


We focus on originality and creativity in the ways Gobena Street and Addis Zeybe report on a variety of issues.


We encourage an honest and independent system of media in Ethiopia.


We value inclusivity and nation-building by remaining non-aligned from political, religious, economic, ethnic or other identifications.


We represent all urban spaces in Ethiopia.


We remain committed andavailable to tell otherwise neglected stories.


We provide an accessible news outlet to the Ethiopian public that is relevant, reliable, and independent.


We emphasize passion,quality, and a striving for constant improvement in our work.


We encourage a media setting of true Freedom of the Press in Ethiopia.

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